About Us

Founded by Olivia Eke, her mom, and sisters, Oly Cosmetics was born out of the necessity to find something fun and exciting to occupy time during the Covid-19 pandemic. Between being a full time college student and working part time at the mall, Olivia and her sisters had a pretty busy schedule prior to being locked down. They had to re-invent themselves and find things to do around the house to still feel a sense of normalcy. This included waking up around the same time every day, dress up, and put on make-up as if they were going to school or work, only to stay in the house and do their school work online. Olivia, especially got teased by her parents who thought it was cute that she still went through the trouble of dressing up and putting on makeup just to stay at home. It was no trouble at all because it is something she does effortlessly with joy.


Olivia loves wearing makeup because it makes her feel lively, energized, and confident. So the team thought about how they could use her love for makeup to positively affect people's lives. They learned from their parents who are both in the medical field, especially their dad who is a frontline worker as well as a medical missionary, how important it is to use your skills and talent to be a blessing to others.

After much research, the mother/daughter team discovered some quality makeup products that will help other makeup lovers look and feel their best and at the same time help them cope with the pandemic. With this in mind, and with the help and support of their mom, the sisters decided to start their own line of makeup with Olivia's nickname Oly, short for Olivia.

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality and affordable makeup while also helping those that are less fortunate. Therefore, part of our proceeds will be used to support our charity work that helps those in disadvantaged communities throughout the world. Your purchase will help make a difference in someone's life. We hope you enjoy our array of products which will help you look as fabulous as you are meant to be.